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Friday, June 21, 2019

Photo by Lovely Roots Photography

Things are changing up in here. We've been busy as bees behind the scenes and while we're excited to brief you soon on some other funnel things coming down the pipes soon, we have an amazing addition to announce. 

Nope, not pregnant. We just ate tacos for lunch.

We are so so excited to introduce you to Lana. 

Photo by Lovely Roots Photography

Lana joined the Salt & Light team a few months ago and we are so so glad she's here.

Read all about Lana coming on board in her own words here.

Photo by Lovely Roots Photography

A former buyer for Nordstrom, Lana brings her laid-back Seattle style and incredible eye for pattern and texture to the team. Her fashion is always on point but her kind heart and incredible work ethic make her the perfect fit. 

But why tell you about Lana when we can show you? Grab some popcorn and click 'play'!


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