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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Yup. Definitely looking for high rise jeans ;-)
Hey hey! You in P.A.? Living in the Bridge City? The Queen City? The city that's really a town?? Whoops, that's us, Warman and Martensville... 

Have we got news for you.

Salt and Light Lifestyle is here for the local babes. The Saskabeauties. The Ladies of the Living Sky. Okay... we're done now.

Whether you're Marie Kondo-ing your closet or looking to pick up some great new apparel pieces, we're making it easier than ever to do both.

Here's what's up:


We have free pick-up locations set up through out the province. When you order from Salt & Light, choose the pick-up spot closest to you (currently Saskatoon, Regina, Warman & Prince Albert) when you complete your order. We'll email ya all the details on where to get your goods. 


This is just your basic boss babe multitasking because you can pick up your new stuff and drop off your old stuff AT THE SAME LOCATION. #mindblown

When you're ready for us to photograph, style and sell your incredible apparel, email us for all the details (read this first) and then we'll provide you with the handy-dandy drop-off location nearest you. Currently accepting summer consignment.


Right now our events are largely YXE based, but if you want us to come to you, hit us up with an email or a dm! We'd love to partner up with you in your community with your business or organization for an awesome Salt & Light event. Sky's the limit. 

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