Sask Shift T-Shirt Dress

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Why do we love dresses so much? 

Because you don't even have to pick out a pair of pants. BAM! Instant outfit.

Don't get us wrong. These t-shirt shift dresses work just as well with our without leggings. 

Pair them with an adorable scarf (ahem *Salt & Light Consignment) or throw on a cute cardigan and leggings/ 

These t-shirt dresses in olive and grey won't last long but this new found friendship will! 

Perfect with or without bottoms, this shirt dress is comfy enough to wear over and over, falls perfectly and answers the question, "What should I wear today?" with a resounding ME. 

Shift your gaze over to our website and grab this gorgeous shift dress (and the featured black cardigan and cute scarves) before it flies off the shelves.

All photos in this post are by Lovely Roots Photography

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