Make-my-Daisy Floral Dress - Plus Exclusive

Monday, April 1, 2019

All photos in this post are by Lovely Roots Photography

This exclusively plus-sized stunner will make your daisy every dang day. 

This piece is Abbie's favourite in our collection. We ripped it out of her hands for our gorgeous models to show you the fit! This dress is a 3/4 length, making it perfect for wearing with flats or heels with no trip factor. 

Flowing with subtle ruffle details, we know we're going to get some strong worded letters on how this stunner isn't available for all, but hey. That's the way the rose wilts, gals. 

Elegance and comfort are the name of the game with this gorgeous piece. The boho vibe (and Larissa's mad camera skills) is giving us all the heart eyes.

 All it's missing is you. 

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