The Grey Tunic of Softest Stripes

Sunday, March 10, 2019

You shall be mine and I shall call you my squishy. 
If the name of this oversized striped sweater of awesomeness sounds like a knight in shining armour, that's because it is. 

Deena is actually this funny.
It clings in the right spots, it drapes in the others and you won't be able to keep your hands out of these cozy pockets because this tunic is so. dang. soft. It's made for pairing with your comfiest leggings, skinny jeans or hey--- why not bare those legs... in like 4 months.

We love it and we know you will too. This beauty runs big so if you are looking for a more fitted look, size down. If you want it comfy and flow  stay true to size and true to comfort. 

Even Dolly approves.
What else can a girl ask for? (Okay, we have a whole shopping site so we can think of a few things...)

 Let this beauty keep you toasty now and cute at the lake on summer evenings.
We're just over here waiting on that cabin invite... ;-)

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