The one with all the heart.

Friday, February 1, 2019

January was a long year but we made it. ;-)

Honestly though, it's finally over and love is in the air. It's like a heart fairy came and dusted us with chocolate glitter bombs. Either that or we're one month closer to spring.  

Let's make February AWESOME! 

We are super excited to be launching our newly curated collection for you today.   

Take that chocolate glitter bomb fairy, we've got our own love to share.

Over the course of the next couple weeks, we'll be dropping some newly picked pieces that we fell in love with and had to have.  These are all small batches so act fast if you want to take a piece home to call your own.   

Our very first raglan tee is here just in time for the month of love.

The "I Ch-Ch-Choose You" Baseball Tee ($40)

BABE. Tee featured in size S

She is soft, she is cozy, she is extra long and she packs enough pizazz that we guarantee smiles when you're with her.  And no, I'm not talking about Sarah from Foxy's Domestic Side  who so kindly modelled the top for us last week when we invaded her home visited her in sunny California. 

Whether you're the hottest mom at the ringette practice... OH HEY, DEENA...

Tee featured in size L. Photo by Lovely Roots Photography

Or basically a modern-day pin-up gal rocking her week... Right Rachel?

Tee Featured in size M. Photo by Lovely Roots Photography

Or just a frazzled mombie...

Tee featured in size S. Photo by Lovely Roots Photography

Ummm... we're not naming any names... You still need a little dazzle in your life. You're the one with all the heart. Your people know it, you should own it. Check this baby out now below. 

Remember that taxes are always included and delivery/pick-up is free in the #yxe area!

Have a lovely day, beauties.

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  1. I can say it is really the softest material ever! No invasion happened here, only laughter and love :)


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