Positive Changes

Monday, February 25, 2019

New Year, New YOU? 


It's getting grammatically incorrect over on the podcast today. But really, you is enough.

Instead of worrying about being a new you, be YOU, with a few positive changes to make you even better. That's where we're going today. 

So what would you like to change? How do you go about it? 

Is good the enemy of great or is great the enemy of good?

Also, here's Rachel in that hat. 

(Go listen to this episode and it will all make sense)

CHALLENGE: The week of NO.

Just no. No excuses. No explanations. Just a polite no. No obsessing. No apologizing. No adding anything to this week. 

One week. You in? (Is someone saying 'no' to this challenge right now? ;-)

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