Salt and Light Meet Up - You can sweat with us!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

If there's one thing we've have noticed in our adventures, it's that women desire friendships. Even when relationships aren't easy to find, develop or maintain, that longing remains. 

We're here to facilitate the opportunities for those moments to happen through fun meet-ups where we can gather and experience life together.  We can be vulnerable. We can try new things. We can drink the wine. Whoops. That third one just slipped in there. 

So here's the first invitation: Let's workout together. 

Yup, sweat, jiggling bits, red faces, muttered curses. All of it. 

Orange Theory Fitness Saskatoon is opening their doors to US. They're offering us a private class and it's the perfect opportunity to try this great workout in a comfortable setting with other gals. 

Take it at your level of fitness and meet some new friends along the way!

So, we're putting out there. You can sweat with us. You in?

Sign up here:

Interested but have questions? Have ideas for future meet ups you want to see happen because we won't be working out every time.  Shoot us a message through email, Facebook or Instagram

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