Introducing the Salt and Light Podcast - Making Friends

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Is this thing on? 

No. Actually it wasn't. Funny story: we recorded half of our first podcast without plugging the mic in. We're super profesh like that. We promise all future podcasts employ the full capacity of our highly powerful Radio Shack microphone. You're welcome.


Today the whole gang is talking about friendship. Remember when we were in kindergarten and there was that awkward 10 minutes where no one knew anyone and then 2 minutes later you met that person you still talk to today? We all have those lifelong friends but there's something trickier about friendship as an adult. As a mom. As a gal chasing her career. 

How do you find friends? How do you cultivate friendship? Are you open to new friends or do you stick with the golden oldies?

We're talking about all the things RIGHT NOW. How we met, what we look for in friends and what life looks like for us. Grab a cup of wine coffee and come on along!

Warning: The word that completes this phrase "The ______ has hit the fan" may make an appearance in this episode in case there are little ears present.


  1. I want to subscribe to it on Apple podcasts! What’s the name? I found several salt and light ones.

    1. Yay! I think this should work?


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